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From 1979-1990 I designed and at times built costumes, props and or sets, gobos and posters for multi-cultural dance and theater productions and children's theater in the Netherlands.

Seis Den Un, compilation of theater monologues by actresses from Curacao. Director/ politician: John Leerdam.
JvP: set/costumes, and prop design plus concept for staging of show.

The Garden/ Look and Long/ Three Sisters by Gertrude Stein. Co-production of BBC and MUZT. Choreo-director: Bambi Uden. Video art/ director: Jaap Drupsteen.
JvP: all non graphic elements (3-D) and costume design.

Man in Space/ The Estranger, Composer: Jeff Hamburg. Flutes: Eleonore Pameijer. Conceptual artist/ artist/ director/ performer: Judith van Praag.
JvP: text, art installation: painting, sculpture and costumes.

Liberated? by Dick Walda. Director: Dea Koert.
JvP: set and costume advice.

Cyrano? by Hugo Heinen. Director: Peter Romer; set, props, poster, and costume design.

Elzarro and the Yorkafowru by Edgar Cairo. Directors: Rufus Collins / Henk Tjon.
JvP: sets, props, fabric, costume design + triangular painting.

Karagoz Mystery by/ director: Yilmaz Onay.
JvP: set, props, costumes, puppets design.

Edward II by Christopher Marlowe. Director: Peter Sonneveld.
JvP: set and costume advice and supervision building.

The Kingdom, opera by Robert Robertson. Directors: Edgar Cairo. Directors: Rufus Collins / Henk Tjon. Lighting designer: Stephanie Johnson
JvP: set, prop, gobo's, and costume design.

Second Generation by Vasif Öngören. Director: Meral Taygun.
JvP: set and costume design. "Tree and Egg" built by Thomas Koolhaas.

Af by / with Martijn Apituley & Willem vander Kroft. Director: Rufus Collins.
JvP: set, props, costume design and building.

The Blacks by Jean Genet. Directors: Rufus Collins / Henk Tjon
JvP: set, props, and costume design.

The Dance and the Railroad by David Henry Whang. Directors: Rufus Collins / Henk Tjon.
JvP: set, props, costume design and building.

Transiente, music: Patricio Wang. Choreography: Paula Rochna.
JvP: costume / prop design and building.

Spelen met Vuur, by Strindberg. Director: Albert Lubbers.
JvP: set and costume design.

The Desert, work in progress by Taller Amsterdam. Concept + direction: Armando: Bergallo/ Vilche.
JvP: costume design and building.

Le Pauvre Matelot, opera by Milhaud/ Cocteau. Director: Yuri Voogd.
JvP: set and costume design and building.

Hands, modern dance performance. Choreography: Gonne Kooy.
JvP: costume design and building, with Patricia Boulder (Gerrit Rietveld Academie).

De Gelaarste Kat, by Herman Heyermans, Director: Ben Aerden.
JvP: costume design and building, with fellow students at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Department of Theater Design.

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