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Art Exhibits 
Stage Design 

Oregon Route (c) 2001 - Judith van Praag

Oregon Route, 2001

Oregon Route 2 (c) 2001 - Judith van PraagOregon Route 3 (c) 2001 - Judith van PraagOregon Route 1 (c) 2001 - Judith van Praag

'Starlight', multimedia collage - click to view larger copy of image in a popup window

ART EXHIBITS   (solo and group)

Bird Armor pen and ink drawing from Analytical Journal 2007 exhibited at Mother/mother*- group exhibit at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining umbrella, auctioned at Forecast Public Art Umbrella Event, St. Paul, MN.

Starlight multi-media collage/ print published in So to Speak - a feminist journal of language and art - Summer/Fall 2008.

Galaxy multi-media collage/ print published in So to Speak 2008.

ArtDetour, Open Studios in Seattle. ActivSpace #319.

Garden Art, painterly signage, at Queen Anne Community Garden, Seattle, WA.

Gertrude Stein Marathon, painting, collage, art-installation at Hugo House, Seattle, WA.

writer-paper-art-paper-artist, Open Studios Oostelijke Eilanden Amsterdam, solo show, Amsterdam, NL.

Open Studios group show, paintings, @ Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, NL.

Man in Space, solo art installation @ Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, NL.

Puzzle Art, solo show, paintings at Metz & Co, Amsterdam, NL.

The Desert
Holland Festival, Rotterdam and Maastricht, NL.
Amsterdam/Berlin Manifestation: Berlin, Germany
Meervaart Cultural Center, Amsterdam, NL.

The Desert
3rd Biennale Voix, Theatre, et Musique,d"Aujourdhui, au Theatre des Amandiers, Nanterre, Paris, France.
Sigma Festival, Bordeaux, France.
Festival d'Automne, Bobigny/ Paris, France.

Theater/ Technical Congres, RAI, Amsterdam, costume designs.

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